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I couldn't help but feel disappointed, but I eventually got over it. After all, there are plenty of other great dog breeds out there. But as fate would have it, I ended up getting a bulldog anyway – albeit not in the way I had originally planned.
The Bulldogs are a good choice for apartment dwellers, as they're affectionate with all members of your family and low maintenance. They can even make great companions if you have just beginning pet parents! However, be careful about where you live - these dogs need plenty of exercises but don't want to gain weight from enjoying most days lounging on the couch too much (just like us!).

Bulldog Dog Breed Information: 

Area of origin: England

Date of origin: 1200

Original function: Bull baiting

Today’s function: Companion

Other names: English Bull dog

HEIGHT: (Male) 12-15 in. (Female) Same

WEIGHT: (Male) 50 lbs (Female) 40 lbs


 In the past, bulldogs were used as bull baiting- attacking the bull in a ring. Bull dogs normally did cruel sports. Today’s bulldog is much more gentle than it was in the 13th century… The Bull dog is no longer a sour mug, as the names suggests…


 Don’t let their looks fool you! Bulldogs are comical, fun dogs. But, they may be stubborn. Bull dogs are very good and gentle with kids, and are moderately friendly towards strangers. Bulldogs aren’t always good towards other dogs.

 Looking after:

 Bull dogs need daily exercise to keep them fit, however don’t expect them to jog, or walk long distances. Bulldogs are among the most mellow of all breeds! Also it’s important to know, Bull dogs hate very cold, or very hot weather, because they can overheat. Remember that Bulldogs tend to drool, and snore. Grooming is minimal, however, you must clean in bewtween their wrinkles daily. Bull dogs normally can not swim.

Color and Apperance:

 Bulldogs, like in cartoons, have sturdy and massive short bodies, large shoulders and an enourmous head. They have a Brachycephalic skull, which means they have a flat face. Their short muzzle often causes breathing problems, and they have a unique “fold” of skin on top of it’s nose, and underneath they have drooping skin. Bull dogs have an undershot bight. Thier coat is  short, sleeek and  glosy, which comes in brindle, red, fawn, white, and pieball. ( White with patches of black or brown). Their tail may be docked, and is naturally short.


Bulldogs, like all breeds, are susceptible to certain diseases and ailments. Although not all Bulldogs will get any or all of these ailments, it's vital to be aware of them to ask breeders' questions and know what to look for during your Bulldog's life.

Purchasing a Bulldog from a reputable breeder will help you obtain the healthiest Bulldog available. A puppy from a reputable Bulldog breeder will be vaccinated and dewormed before you take him home. Responsible breeders utilize only physically sound, mature (at least 2 years old) dogs, and their breeding stock is screened for hereditary disorders particular to the breed.

Both parents should have health clearances, which is proof that a dog has been checked and certified for a certain condition. Health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hips, elbows, and knees and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) confirming that the eyes are normal should be expected in Bulldogs.
Dogs under the age of two do not receive health certifications. Because some health issues do not manifest themselves until a dog reaches full adulthood, this is the case. As a result, it's common advice that dogs should not be bred until they're two or three years old.
Bulldogs can have several health problems. They're excellent dogs, but be sure you're willing to keep a close eye on their health and can afford any medical care they may require. Bulldogs may be affected by the following conditions:

Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye is a condition in which the gland beneath the third eyelid protrudes and appears in the corner of the eye like a cherry. The gland may need to be removed by your veterinarian.

Dry Eye

A dry eye is a condition that occurs when the normal tear production of the eye is insufficient. A dry appearance or a blue haze in the eye signs. Your veterinarian can perform a test to see if your Bulldog has a dry eye and prescribe medicine to help alleviate the discomfort.


Entropion is an inflammation caused by the eyelashes turning inward and rubbing against the eye. It could be necessary to have surgery to fix it.

Sneezing inverted or backwards

This isn't a health issue, but it happens when nasal fluids flow down onto the Bulldog's soft palate, causing it to close. It might also happen if your Bulldog gets anything stuck in his nose. It sounds far worse than it actually is. Stroke your Bulldog's throat to calm him down, and the problem should go away fast.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint. This is a genetic disorder in which the thighbone does not fit securely into the hip joint. Most Bulldogs appear to have hip Dysplasia based on their hip x-rays because of their naturally shallow hip joints, but they rarely exhibit the accompanying lameness problems unless they are allowed to gain excessive weight or are over-exercised during their period of rapid growth. If your Bulldog is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, seek a second opinion and investigate other treatments such as vitamins before committing to surgery.

Puppy info:

 Bulldog puppies are so cute! The litter size is normally about 4 or 5 puppies. The puppies have very big heads, and they must be trained at early age.

Is Bull Dog Good For Novice Owners?

Some dogs are just easier than others. They take to training better and are more relaxed. When you make mistakes or have inconsistencies, they're also strong enough to bounce back from them quickly.

Dogs who are very sensitive, independent, or assertive may be more difficult for a first-time dog owner to deal with. You'll get the best dog for you if you think about your own dog-owning experience when you pick a new one for your family.

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