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Dog Eye Health
Dogs are as susceptible to eye diseases as are their human counterparts. There are several eye diseases which occur both in dogs and in humans.  
Glaucoma is an eye disease which can be genetically transmitted in some breeds of dogs. Basset hounds, chows and cocker spaniels are genetically predisposed towards acquiring this disease.

The disease itself arises because the fluid within the eye which it produces fills it and when there is a problem with the fluid flowing out of the eye, increased intraocular pressure within the eye occurs. As a result of this increased pressure, damage to the retina or optic nerve may be caused. 

Permanent damage can easily result as a consequence of this but if spotted at an early stage medication could be given to relieve the pressure.
Entropion is a disease which causes the eyelid to curl inwards. Surgery can be performed to resolve this condition and this is normally done when the dog is at least six months old. It requires both the removal of some skin and muscle to realign the eyelids. When the dog matures as an adult it may sometimes be necessary to repeat this procedure.
Eye diseases which affect dogs are progressive retinal atrophy, cherry eye, and collie eye anomaly. A degenerative disease of the retina in dogs can lead to the development of corneal ulcers. 
As with other dog diseases, pedigreed dogs are more susceptible to inherit a genetically transmitted eye disease. Cataracts fall into this category but they can also be a result of the animal suffering from diabetes.
Cataracts are found in many breeds of dogs and can also be caused by trauma, inflammation or substitutes given to puppy for mother’s milk. Very often dogs can acquire an allergic reaction to a developing cataract resulting in scars and glaucoma. An eye disease which can develop as the animal ages is known as nuclear sclerosis.
Does My Dog Have an Eye Infection? Symptoms of Infected Eyes
Eye injuries can also cause redness, swelling and tearing. So for this reason, it’s important to get the dog’s eye problem diagnosed by a veterinarian in a timely manner to avoid permanent damage to the dog’s eyes.
What Causes Tear Staining in Dogs?
To learn more about dog eye infections and other eye problems in dogs, read Cherry Eye in the Dog, along with Dog Eye Injury Symptoms and Treatment. and Does My Dog Have an Eye Infection?
Dog Eye Problems - What To Watch Out For
Be sure to always have your dog’s eyes thoroughly checked at each annual veterinary visit or if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Catching possible dog eye problems before they become severe can help prevent future vision.
Dog Care-Eye Problems Explained
Dog Care-Eye Problems You are looking for information on dog care-eye problems - just like me. But you may also have to consider good dog kibbles or maybe infected tick bite on dog as well.
Health update: Canine Entropion - Eye problems in dogs
Entropion is a condition where the eyelid curls under and the eyelashes come in contact with the eye. It is an uncomfortable condition and over time the constant scratching and irritation to the cornea can have serious consequences.
Dog Allergies and Eye Problems
Veterinary dermatologists estimate that 50% of dogs affected with canine atopy or atopic dermatitis are also affected with conjuctivitis secondary to dog allergies. Eye problems associated with dog allergies are usually easy to manage.
What Kind of Canine Eye Problems Might My Dog Face?
Canine eye problems have recently been a focus of veterinarians, breeders and pet owners alike. Dogs tend to develop many ocular issues throughout their lives, due to inherited genetic disorders or simply by engaging in doggy behavior.
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